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Precision Product:
A. Fixed / Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads  
  I. Standard Duty Heads
  II. Heavy Duty Heads
  III. Transfer Line Duty Heads
  IV. Adjustable Heads
          a. Light Adjustable
          b. Light Medium Adjustable
          c. Medium Adjustable
          d. Heavy Adjustable
B. Lead Screw Tapping Units  
  I. LSFU-415 Tap Unit
  II. LSFU-475 Tap Unit
  III. LSFU-620 Tap Unit
C. Drill Units  
  I. HFU-212 Drill Unit
  II. MFU-200 Drill and Tap Unit
D. Work Holding Fixtures  
E. Fixture Columns I. Fixture Columns
F. Standard Upright Machines  
  I. TM-415 Tapping Machine
  II. TM-475 Tapping Machine
  III. DM-212 Drilling Machine
  IV. DM-1215 Drilling Machine
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